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Posted 3/31/21 by Danjaye

masive changes

Ah so basically what's up guys I think that I'm gonna add more stuff to this site and yeah basically that's all I had to say

Posted 1/5/21 by Danjaye


Most things have moved over to my new page (except official posts, of course):

You can find statuses on my different websites and project progress there. Truth is, I didn't really feel authentic with this website.

This one will stick, though.

Posted 12/28/20 by Danjaye

New vision

There will be a large general update coming soon. It will, probably, change the future of this entirely.

More on this soon, check out our discord server to keep up-to-date.

Archived Posted 12/23/20 by Danjaye

No longer in service

This site is no longer in service, which means that no updates will be posted, etc. The Lightning Foundation has been closed.

This decision has been made due to lack of necessity. Other projects, such as UserBlogs, may be discontinued. You can keep up-to-date on those sites, in case anything occurs.

This decision was put into effect on 12/23/2020 at 11:38 PM.

Archived Posted 12/22/20 by Danjaye

Introducing partnerships

That's right, we're introducing partnerships. It'll be a great way to form a enthusiastic community and be able to fund different projects as a type of a new mission.

Archived Posted 11/15/20 by Danjaye

Update: JavaScript coming soon

JavaScript is coming soon to enhance the visual experience.

Archived Posted 10/23/20 by Danjaye


What you're about to see may or may not include waffles. We warn you beforehand so there aren't any lawsuits.

That's a joke, of course. This entire website is a joke. Not really, it's an initiative/project/funding thing. It's also kinda dysfunctional, so if any errors come down, don't report it. It's most likely being fixed.

If you encounter any issues during your journey through our services and joking manner, you can send us an email at [email protected]. Don't spam us, or we'll come to your house and throw waffles at you. Realistically, though, we're never going to do that, as we're super busy throwing waffles at eachother.

You may be asking: "Where can I sign up for such a waffle-filled job?" Well, let me enlighten you. You can sign up for a job here in the Jobs tab, which should appear after the update.